The Problem

Two out of ten people will experience incontinence

Existing treatments can have significant downsides



  • No treatment
  • Can cause infections


  • Only helps some people
Medicine - botox


  • Side effects
  • Expensive
  • Loses effect
Medical devices

Medical Devices

  • Can be invasive
  • Expensive

The Solution: UCon

UCon is intended to relieve symptoms of urinary/faecal urgency, urinary/faecal frequency, and leakage of urine/faeces.

UCon has the potential to give people back control within a safe and pain-free range.
UCon offers the possibility for at-home treatment, a non-invasive screening with a user-friendly design.
UCon is designed to be an affordable solution, both short- term and long-term.

What it is all about

Watch the video below in order to learn more about incontinence and what UCon can do to help people suffering from incontinence

  • Prof. Dr.Med. (Gastroenterology)
    Affordable neuromodulation, as delivered by the UCon concept, will provide new opportunities for treatment of fecal- and urinary incontinence
    Prof. Dr.Med. (Gastroenterology)
  • Prof. Dr.Med. (Urology)
    Attractive solution with a promising approach
    Prof. Dr.Med. (Urology)
  • Chief physician, Dr.Med. (Urology)
    Good and interesting solution with great potential
    Chief physician, Dr.Med. (Urology)
  • Female, 65, Urge urinary incontinence (menopause)
    This could make my work life easier
    Female, 65, Urge urinary incontinence (menopause)
  • Female, 44, Urge urinary incontinence (spinal cord injury)
    I can imagine myself using this everyday
    Female, 44, Urge urinary incontinence (spinal cord injury)