The unique and innovative UCon Electrodes are specifically designed for comfortable and reliable Dorsal Genital Nerve Stimulation. Both are designed to be simple to apply and remove.

Bar Electrode

An innovative approach to long-term dorsal genital nerve stimulation, leveraging decades of genital piercing experience and state-of-the-art electrode design. The Bar Electrode is an alternative to the Patch Electrode and is intended to be a more economical and convenient long-term solution for patients and healthcare systems.

Patch Electrode

Designed to meet the demands of adhering to the irregular surfaces and moist conditions of the genitals while being removable and replaceable by the patient. Intended for short-term evaluations or daily use with UCon as a consumable/disposable supply.

The UCon System

Control Unit

Provides electrical stimulation and is programmable according to individual patient needs.


Connects the Control Unit to the Electrode with an innovative use of magnets.

Remote Control

Allows for quick and easy access to stimulation in case of acute urgency.

Stimulation Modes

By use of different stimulation modes, UCon can be configured to fit the individual needs of the users. The configuration is performed by use of simple low-cost means that is both new to the field of neuromodulation and unique to the UCon system.

Continuous and Time-limited

Continuous and Time-limited

UCon can be configured for continuous or time-limited stimulation therapy for neuromodulative effects and potential relief of symptoms.


UCon also features a very unique urge stimulation mode, where stimulation is provided on-demand by the user, in case of acute urgency.

Feedback on UCon

We cooperate with healthcare professionals and users to ensure a solution fitting the needs of our users, providing effective symptom relief.

  • Prof. Dr.Med. (Gastroenterology)
    Affordable neuromodulation, as delivered by the UCon concept, will provide new opportunities for treatment of fecal- and urinary incontinence
    Prof. Dr.Med. (Gastroenterology)
  • Prof. Dr.Med. (Urology)
    Attractive solution with a promising approach
    Prof. Dr.Med. (Urology)
  • Chief physician, Dr.Med. (Urology)
    Good and interesting solution with great potential
    Chief physician, Dr.Med. (Urology)
  • Female, 65, Urge urinary incontinence (menopause)
    This could make my work life easier
    Female, 65, Urge urinary incontinence (menopause)
  • Female, 44, Urge urinary incontinence (spinal cord injury)
    I can imagine myself using this everyday
    Female, 44, Urge urinary incontinence (spinal cord injury)