User participation

We like to work with the people that is going to use the product, therefore we have different initiatives for user participation.

User Panel

We have established a user panel in North Jutland if you would like to participate, please contact us.

Do you suffer from incontinence?

InnoCon Medical is developing a product intented to help people with overactive bladder or fecal incontinence. We need your help to make sure we develop the product you need.

User panel

We need people from North Jutland who suffer from overactive bladder (not stress incontinence) or faecal incontinence. As a participant in our user panel your experiences from a life with incontinence will be used to develop our product.

Contact us for more information

If this has caught your attention, you are welcome to contact us with no obligations for more information about the user panel.

Need help or have questions?


Test subjects needed

We are looking for people with Overactive Bladder/urge incontinence (not stress incontinence) and Faecal incontinence to participate in tests of a new treatment for incontinence.

Herlev Hospital

Aarhus University Hospital

Odense University Hospital